PhD Eng Piotr Duka

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Function: Teaching Assistent
Telefon: +48 32 603 4264
Adress: ul. Krasińskiego 8, p.263
PL-40-019 Katowice

Research interests:

  • Numerical modeling of physical processes
  • Numerical modeling of the temperature distribution in the material subjected to laser treatment (programs MATHEMATICA, ELMER)
  • RLC circuits for material testing and NDT (program MATHEMATICA)
  • Calculation of the photonic band structure of photonic crystals (program MPB (MIT Photonic Band))
  • Simulating the transmission of electromagnetic waves in photonic crystals (program MEEP (MIT Electromagnetic Equation Propagation))
  • Determination of optical and mechanical properties of materials (program ABINIT (preliminary test calculations))



Nowak, M; Jesionek, M; Solecka, B; Szperlich, P; Duka, P; Starczewska, A

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Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 9 , pp. 2741-2749, 2018, ISSN: 2190-4286.

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Żurek, Z H; Duka, P

RLC circuits for material testing and NDT Book

KOMEL, 2015, ISBN: 978-83-931909-8-0.

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Starczewska, A; Nowak, M; Szperlich, P; Bednarczyk, I; Mistewicz, K; Kępińska, M; Duka, P

Antimony Sulfoiodide as Novel Material for Photonic Crystals Inproceedings

Frontiers in Optics 2014, pp. JW3A.28, Optical Society of America, 2014, ISBN: 1-55752-286-3.

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Kępińska, M; Starczewska, A; Duka, P; Nowak, M; Szperlich, P

Optical Properties of SbSI photonic crystals Journal Article

Acta Physica Polonica A, 126 (5), pp. 1115-1117, 2014.

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Kępińska, M; Nowak, M; Duka, P; Kotyczka-Morańska, M; Szperlich, P

Optical properties of SbI3 single crystalline platelets Journal Article

Optical Materials, 33 (11), pp. 1753 - 1759, 2011, ISSN: 0925-3467.

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Kępińska, M; Nowak, M; Duka, P; Kauch, B

Spectrogoniometric determination of refractive indices of GaSe Journal Article

Thin Solid Films, 517 (13), pp. 3792 - 3796, 2009, ISSN: 0040-6090.

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Nowak, M; Mroczek, P; Duka, P; Kidawa, A; Szperlich, P; Grabowski, A; Szala, J; Moskal, G

Using of textured polycrystalline SbSI in actuators Journal Article

Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 150 (2), pp. 251 - 256, 2009, ISSN: 0924-4247.

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Duka, P; Nowak, M; Solecka, B

Influence of acousto-optical modulation of laser radiation on the results of contactless photoelectromagnetic investigations Journal Article

Proc. SPIE, 5229 , pp. 329-333, 2003.

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Duka, P; Gluza, J; Zrałek, M

Quantization and Renormalization of the Manifest Left–Right Symmetric Model of Electroweak Interactions Journal Article

Annals of Physics, 280 (2), pp. 336 - 408, 2000, ISSN: 0003-4916.

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Duka, P; Gluza, J; Zrałek, M

Influence of the left-handed part of the neutrino mass matrix on the lepton number violating e−e−→W−W− process Journal Article

Phys. Rev. D, 58 , pp. 053009, 1998.

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Czyż, H; Duka, P; Zrałek, M

What do we count in the e+e−→Z neutrino counting experiment? Journal Article

Phys. Rev. D, 49 , pp. 4941–4944, 1994.

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